TTX Company’s Supplier Evaluation Committee (SECO) process integrates our on-site quality inspection efforts with a headquarters team that reviews various processes to arrive at an overall rating of each supplier. The committee is comprised of members of the Company that are directly involved in the processes of material and capital equipment acquisition and railcar repair.

Our Mission Is:

  • To develop, implement and manage a system to objectively evaluate the performance of a supplier of a product and/or service to TTX. The ratings which result will be used as a guide in making purchasing decisions.
  • To ensure the evaluation process is fair to the supplier and to TTX.
  • To promote and maintain a working environment between the supplier and TTX which encourages effective communication and fosters improved performance for products and services.

Annual reviews of companies are based on their type of business:

  • Car builder
  • Car repair facility
  • Component supplier
  • Service providers

Companies are rated on five major categories:

  1. Quality
  2. Cost
  3. Delivery
  4. Service
  5. Finance & Administration

Suppliers are given specific and objective reviews of their products and processes every year. Therefore, TTX’s goals of providing the highest quality, most reliable equipment at the lowest cost are bolstered every year as the suppliers continue to improve.