About TTX

About TTX


Every day we partner with North America’s railroads in support of their business by providing an efficient pool of railcars where loadings are maximized and empty miles are minimized across the North American rail network.



We carefully track and analyze North American logistics trends to anticipate long-term rail transportation needs, and support railroad shippers’ growth and success with appropriately sized, reliable railcar fleets.



Serve Our Railroad Customers

  • We act in the best interest of our internal and external customers, industry, and TTX.
  • We invest in high-trust, mutually beneficial relationships across our customers, industry, and TTX.
  • We advance outcomes making decisions based on required TTX and customer perspectives and expertise.


Live Safety

  • We require full compliance and accountability for safety benchmarks and practices across TTX.
  • We thrive on shared accountability for the health and well-being, and security of our people, data, physical assets, and customers.
  • We prioritize the health and well-being of our people in all decisions and actions.


Do the Right Thing

  • We act with purpose in line with TTX mission, vision, and values.
  • We encourage diverse qualities and perspectives of our people.
  • We operate consistently with equity, integrity, and professionalism.


Seek Excellence

  • We all hold ourselves accountable and demand the highest level of quality and service in all we do.
  • We cultivate and optimize the passion, talent, and potential of our people.
  • We initiate meaningful change and continuous improvement.
  • We navigate our work with the honesty, rigor, and flexibility required to deliver great value.


Know Our Business

  • We strive to strengthen TTX’s value and presence as an industry leader and partner.
  • We equip our people, partners, and customers with real-time, inclusive industry knowledge to elevate practices and results.
  • We bring innovation and creativity to advance and evolve industry benchmarks and our work.