Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

TTX doesn’t just supply North America’s railroads with railcars. TTX specializes in the complete repair and maintenance cycle of freight railcars. Our mobile repair teams, field maintenance operations, full service repair shops and component reconditioning services ensure an efficient solution to your fleet’s maintenance needs. TTX is the safe and dependable railcar maintenance decision to improve reliability and railcar utilization, reduce set-outs and line of road delays, reduce home shop bad orders, lower maintenance costs, and increase revenue.

Operational Excellence & Safety

Whether it’s in our repair shops, field maintenance operations or on the line of road, TTX is committed to providing quality, defect-free equipment and a safe working environment. Our industry-leading safety record is driven by our world-class training, stringent processes and documented procedures. As part of our commitment, we maintain an ongoing Quality Improvement Team to identify and facilitate opportunities for improvement.

Repair Shops

At our state-of-the-art repair shops and fabrication facilities located around the country, TTX can perform everything from light repairs and routine maintenance to heavy repairs, car modifications and fabrication. Our industry-leading staff can perform many railcar maintenance functions including:

Field Maintenance Operations

At repair facilities and customer properties strategically placed around the country, TTX can perform everything from train inspections, light repairs and routine maintenance to heavier repairs and preventive maintenance.

  • Air brake system inspection, testing and maintenance
  • Car Inspection
  • Light Car Repair
  • Mechanical and safety appliance inspection
  • AAR running repairs
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Pre-trip and load inspections
  • Warranty repairs
  • Qualified Mechanical Inspectors
  • AWS D15.1 Welding Certification
Mobile Repair Operations

TTX can make light to medium running repairs without directing cars to a home shop. Mobile repair trucks with welding, cutting and material handling capabilities are dispatched from our shops and field maintenance locations around the country, to your railcar. Our mobile repair service allows you to:

  • Car Inspection
  • Light Car Repair
  • Repair the railcar at remote locations
  • Eliminate the need to “shop” the railcar
  • Immediately load or unload freight at customer facility
  • Greatly reduce repair costs and bad orders
Support Services

TTX provides world class railcar inspection and repair services. TTX front-line maintenance personnel that effect repairs on your equipment are supported by a vast team of industry leading support professionals. TTX field teams are supported by teams of Safety, Quality, Maintenance Planning, Engineering and Fleet Management experts. See what is behind the scenes that TTX offers as a value added component to ensure you receive the very best service possible.