Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

Car Inspections

Single Car Testing
TTX Field Maintenance Operations use automated single car test devices to verify the safe working condition of TTX equipment. For information about TTX performing tests for an external railcar fleet.

Load Inspections
TTX Company’s Field Maintenance Location in Barstow, California, handles high and wide load measurement, and securement inspections for military loads. For information about TTX performing load measurements or securement inspections for a third party railcar fleet.

Pre-Trip Inspections
TTX Field Maintenance Operations have a well equipped staff for pre-trip inspections of railcars while on an intermodal or autorack ramp. For information about TTX performing pre-trip inspections for a third party railcar fleet

Component Reconditioning

Our patented processes for reconditioning railcar components increase the life of your fleet’s components while reducing maintenance costs.

TTX has patented solutions for reconditioning:

  • Truck castings
  • Articulated connectors
  • Hitches
Car Repair Billing & Auditing

TTX has been the leader in providing car repair receivable, payable and auditing services to Railroads & Private Car Owners for over 30 years. Our state of the art systems manage all aspects of AAR & Shop Car Repair billing in a real-time & secure environment. Our team has over 300 years of car repair billing and railroad industry experience. Some of the services we provide:

  • Pre & post payment auditing
  • Management of Shop Estimates and Invoices
  • Reporting capabilities that provide insight to your business
  • Real-time interface with repair facilities & industry sources
  • Customized processes based on client needs
Design & Engineering

Engineering works with TTX division shops, suppliers, and owner railroads and private car owners to ensure cars are built and modified to customer requirements. They are responsible for many areas related to maintenance, building, and supply of TTX equipment including:

  • Approving new car designs
  • Designing maintenance and modification procedures
  • Approving supplier parts and design changes
  • Participating members of AAR Committees
  • Improving efficiency of maintenance and modification
  • Testing and improving new designs and components
Light Car Repair

TTX has light repair locations strategically placed on major Class I railroad locations throughout the country. These light repair locations handle a wide variety of repairs and tests to increase car reliability, improve train performance, and reduce shopping of cars. If you are interested in having TTX handle running maintenance for an external railcar fleet,

Logistics Distribution Center

The TTX Logistics and Distribution Center (LDC) located in Joliet, Illinois, provides material inventory and distribution services for company-owned and authorized independent maintenance facilities and TTX Field Maintenance Operations (FMOs), and provides components to individual railroads for the repair of TTX equipment. The ability to leverage our buying power results in cost savings to our customers.

Maintenance Planning

TTX performs scheduled maintenance based on mileage to provide customers with the safest and most reliable equipment. Scheduled maintenance may include inspection, upgrades and/or preventive maintenance. TTX helps your fleet stay ahead of costly and dangerous equipment failures.

Railcar Modifications

Automobile Frame Transportation
TTX has long been a Tier 1 supplier to the major automotive producers. We have the expertise to design, modify and continually adapt our railcars to transport many types of automobile frames. For information regarding frame transportation for an external railcar fleet.

Carbody Modification Programs
TTX is constantly monitoring the utilization and performance of our fleet. TTX routinely upgrades components and modifies railcar bodies to meet market demands. These programs allow TTX equipment to remain in service for the full duration of their design life, therefore generating maximum revenue. For information about rail carbody modifications for a third party railcar fleet.

Wreck Repair

TTX has large shops capable of handling wreck repairs. These shops are equipped with tools to perform heavy duty fabrication, welding, and cutting. To receive more information about wreck repair services for an external railcar fleet.