Maintenance Services


October 24, 2023

The Company’s salaried workforce continues to work in a remote capacity as the COVID-19 pandemic persisted, and City of Chicago & State of Illinois health protocols restricted activity in the Chicago business district. With an eye on returning to the office in 2022, Human Resources led the Company’s “Working Together … Reimagined” project, which is responsible for establishing our future hybrid workplace.

TTX Talent Development partners with the TTX Equipment Department to launch TTX Company’s inaugural “Railroad Operations Leadership Training Program.” A comprehensive program designed to hire new engineer graduates and train them for Maintenance Operations leadership roles.

The TTX Law Department co-leads TTX’s “Packing Day” effort, which facilitated the cleaning of physical offices, addressing paper files in accordance with the Record Retention Schedule and scanning of Company records. The Law Department continues its efforts to support TTX’s modernization goals and hybrid work environment through oversight of additional scanning efforts and the evaluation of an Enterprise Content Management System.

In May 2021, the TTX IT team successfully completes the migration of on-premises SharePoint to the online cloud platform.

TTX opens 5 FMOs