Maintenance Services


October 23, 2023

All corporate headquarters’ employees pivot to a full work remote schedule from mid-March through the end of 2020.

The TTX Law Department leads the Incident Management Team in its oversight and management of COVID-19 for TTX.

Key transformational programs TTXNEXTT, TTXINSIGHT and ServiceNow are kicked-off in 2020. TTXNEXTT is a cross functional program aiming to replace, decommission or transform key TTX business processes, systems, tools and data stores used by fleet management, maintenance management, revenue accounting, planning and analytics, and engineering. TTXINSIGHT is an exploratory program that focuses on GPS and Load Tracking & Operational Intelligence sensors and ServiceNow is an IT Service Management and IT Operations Management cloud‐based software to centralize core IT capabilities in addition to aid in TTX’s overall Digital Transformation Strategy.

In February 2020, the IT team successfully completes the migration of TTX IT-delivered services from our legacy data centers to purpose-built, state-of-the-art colocation facilities.

In late 2020, TTX reaches a 5-year agreement with the Brotherhood Railway Carmen.

TTX opens 1 FMO.