Equipment Sales

Equipment Sales


Repurpose our railcars to meet your needs


Full available inventory of retired railcars ready to meet any project’s tight timelines. Purchasing a retired railcar is a great way to beat a project target under a strict budget. Reusing one of America’s strongest assets is the perfect solution to your problem.



Bridge Deck Cars

Repurposed flatcars are ideal for use as bridge decks. Popular uses are for road construction projects, to span creek beds on private land or golf courses and for use in spanning waterways and low areas in oil fields.
Standard length is 89 feet but decks can be cut to shorter lengths.  Bridge decks can be picked up at our fabricators’ locations or can be delivered on the car’s wheels to a rail siding.

In-Plant Use

TTX has cars available for sale for in-plant or captive use. A typical use for these cars is to transport products and equipment throughout a facility. This reduces the need for forklifts or machinery. Other uses include storage for equipment or as use for display platforms or live events such as concerts.
TTX typically has flatcars, bulkhead flatcars, and boxcars available for sale for these purposes.

Maintenance of Way

TTX has flatcars available for sale for use in maintenance of way service.  Whether cleaning up railroad derailments and wreck hauling, or for use as platforms to mount and haul maintenance of way machinery, these cars are ideal.
Standard height and low level cars are available.



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