1. 2019

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    TTX embarks on a transformative technology project into a single platform cloud-based system, which we called eSHIFT (Enterprise, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Inventory, Finance, Technology).

    The TTX Human Resources group was the initial TTX Department scheduled to implement the Human Capital Management (HCM) module of the Oracle Cloud solution in Phase One of the eSHIFT project.

    TTX develops several machine-learning models in 2019 for cost savings and operational efficiencies.

    The TTX Law Department, along with the Government Affairs team, works closely with the Coalition Against Bigger Trucks and other coalition partners to again defeat efforts to mandate Double 33’s and raise the allowable weight of single trucks to 91,000 lb. on the National Highway system.

    TTX opens 4 new FMOs.

  2. 2018

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    TTX develops and applies 1/2-inch and 3/8-inch universal chains for the 60-ft and 89-ft flat chain tie-down flatcars used to carry commercial and military equipment.

    To help solve for increased bi-level autorack demand, TTX begins a conversion program to convert tri-level autoracks to a bi-level configuration.

    TTX receives AAR approval for increased life status (ILS) on 68-ft bulkhead flatcars.

    TTX opens 13 additional FMOs.


  3. 2017

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    The first TPDX 89’, 110-ton chain-tie down flatcar delivers. Each car is equipped with universal chain tie-downs for either 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch chains and container pedestals for carrying military cargo (vehicles and containers). Its civilian counterpart, the TOEX, provides similar flexibility.

    TTX successfully negotiates a three-year extension to the labor Agreement with the Brotherhood Railway Carmen (BRC).

    In March of 2017, TTX resumes management of the Mira Loma, California shop.

    TTX opens 6 new FMOs.

  4. 2016

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    TTX receives AAR approval for increased life status (ILS) on the 60-ft chain flat fleet, preserving the size of the fleet carrying civilian and military loads.

    The Company expands its FMO network by adding 11 new FMO locations bringing the total to 68 Field Maintenance Operations.


  5. 2015

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    With the addition of 13 FMOs, TTX’s Field Maintenance Network expands to 59 locations, including new operations at the massive San Pedro Bay harbor complex (the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach)

    The Company significantly expands its field maintenance network to be more responsive to the railroads by establishing 8 new FMO locations.

    TTX opens its third training school in the LA Basin in addition to schools in Chicago, IL and the Pacific Northwest.

    TTX licenses its Bedloe technology to a third party.

    TTX IT rolls out a formal Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) to the entire organization with new user interface solutions Tableau, SAS and Collibra.

    60th Anniversary of TTX Company.

  6. 2014

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    The Surface Transportation Board (the successor agency to the Interstate Commerce Commission) reauthorizes TTX’s pooling authority for a 15-year term.

    TTX Fleet size exceeds 150,000 cars.

    TTX opens 7 Field Maintenance Operations (FMOs).

  7. 2013

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    TTX deploys handheld technology across the FMO network, which was a key step in implementing TTX’s Maximo maintenance planning system and the foundation of TTX’s Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) approach.

    A four-year extension to the Company’s labor Agreement with the Brotherhood Railway Carmen was successfully negotiated and ratified by the membership.

    TTX launches its first Career Development Program for high potential, corporate, salaried employees.

  8. 2012

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    TTX decommissions its mainframe system and replaces it with client/server.

  9. 2011

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    TTX receives AAR and FRA approval to perform 15-year life extensions (known Increased Life Status or ILS) on most of its 89-ft autorack flats.

    Company establishes a training center in Chicago, which properly instructs maintenance specialists on how to safely weld as well as inspect and repair cars.

  10. 2010

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    TTX embarks on a major effort to adapt its fleet of single-unit 48-ft double-stack railcars by stretching to 53-ft to maximize railroad efficiency.