1. 1989

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    First TTAX all-purpose articulated spine cars enter service.

  2. 1988

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    Trailer Train purchases Draco in Waterford, MI.

  3. 1987

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    Two 89-ft flatcars connected by drawbars enter into service.  These cars were given the name “Long Runner® .”

  4. 1985

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    Modification of 89-ft and 89-ft 4-inch hitch cars to Twin-45/Triple-28 configuration begins.

    Modification of surplus 60-ft General Service cars to container service is undertaken.

    Double-stack cars are purchased.

  5. 1984

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    First Field Maintenance Operations (FMOs) begin in Chicago and Houston.

    Single-axle, single unit 50-ft flatcars equipped with one hitch are added to the fleet. These were given the name “Front Runner® .”

  6. 1982

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    One prototype single-axle, single-platform hitch car and two articulated hitch cars are tested.

  7. 1981

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    TTX opens Acorn in Jacksonville, FL, as its fourth repair facility.

    The TTX “4-Runner” enters service in the joint C&NW/UP Chicago-Los Angeles Falcon Service.

    TTX moves from 300 South Wacker Drive to 101 North Wacker Drive in Chicago.

    Modification of over 20,000 cars to handle two 45-ft trailers (Twin-45) begins.

  8. 1980

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    TTX opens Delpro as its third repair facility. It was closed in July 1982 due to the recession and was later sold to Amtrak in 1984.