1. 1979

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    Railgon formed as a subsidiary of Trailer Train on May 24, 1979.

    100,000th car delivered to Trailer Train/Railbox.

  2. 1978

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    First ABOX car delivered to Railbox.

    TTX opens Calpro in Mira Loma, CA, as its second repair facility.

    Two prototype lightweight, 2-unit drawbar-connected hitch cars are built at Hamburg.

  3. 1976

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    10,000th Railbox car delivered on June 9, 1976.

  4. 1975

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    75,000th car delivered to Trailer Train.

  5. 1974

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    Trailer Train purchases Hamburg Industries (now called SRD-North Augusta).

    Railbox is formed as a subsidiary of Trailer Train Company and places orders for 10,000 50-ft boxcars. The first car is delivered on October 15, 1974.

    The first low-level flush deck design 89-ft flatcar enters the fleet for application of a new generation of rack equipped with roofs and end doors.

  6. 1973

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    Mobile vans in Chicago and St. Louis began operation to provide railroads with hitch parts and repair expertise in order to keep cars in service. These laid the frame work for the future FMO network.

  7. 1971

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    Offices moved to Chicago, IL, from Philadelphia, PA.

  8. 1970

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    The highly visible Trailer Train yellow paint scheme replaces the old freight car red paint scheme.