1. 1969

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    50,000th car delivered to Trailer Train.

  2. 1968

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    First 62-ft bulkhead flatcars entered service.

    First 100-ton 68-ft flatcars entered service.

  3. 1966

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    First 89-ft flatcars entered piggyback and autorack service.

    First all-purpose flush deck prototype cars entered service.

    First 60-ft cars equipped with heavy duty tie-down chains for hauling construction machinery.
    Low-profile trailer hitches applied to piggyback and all-purpose cars eliminating the need for risers.

  4. 1965

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    25,000th car delivered to Trailer Train.

  5. 1964

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    First 60-ft and 85-ft general service cars added to the fleet.

  6. 1962

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    First cars equipped with End-Of-Car Cushioning devices were purchased.

  7. 1961

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    The first low-level cars equipped with auto racks entered service. The percentage of new automobiles shipped by rail had declined to 10% by 1960.

    First 89-ft cars entered service.

  8. 1960

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    The first low-level cars were purchased for piggyback service in the Eastern states where clearances were an issue.