Intermodal Spine Cars

Intermodal Spine
TTX’s “conventional” fleet (non-double-stack intermodal cars) is used mainly to transport highway truck-trailers, or in some cases, intermodal containers over routes that lack double-stack clearances. Our standard intermodal fleet consists mostly of 5-unit, 53-ft, articulated spine cars (overall length of 270-ft per car). The cars are initialed TTAX for “all-purpose,” and their design permits handling of most trailer sizes, including 28-ft “Pup” trailers through 53-ft trailers and most container sizes (20-ft, 40-ft, 48-ft, and 53-ft).  Similar to double-stack cars, the TTAX’s are articulated (meaning they share wheels between the car’s units), which provides a smooth ride for intermodal cargo by reducing slack action. The Spine Car® designation refers to the car’s minimal structure and the use of a central beam or spine, which saves weight and increases fuel efficiency.